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Changes to Income and Disability Assistance in BC

October 9, 2012

By Ivar Lee, Partner at Paine Edmonds LLP, Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer A number of policy changes concerning income and disability assistance in BC went into effect on October 1, 2012. One of these changes will have a significant and positive impact on people receiving such assistance and have personal injury claims (ie. an ICBC-related…

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Do I have to divorce?

July 12, 2012

No! You do not have to apply for a divorce at any time. However, in British Columbia, we have a no-fault divorce system. If either party applies for a divorce, they will be successful if they prove one of three things: you have lived separate and apart for 12 months; the opposing party has committed…

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My World is Suddenly Upside Down … Where Do I Start?

July 10, 2012

The initial phase when a marriage or common-law relationship comes to an end is overwhelming and disorienting. This is a time when the road map of your life has been crumpled up and thrown in the fire. A new roadmap needs to be built, but that process is overwhelming when managing the emotional aspect of…

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Welcome to the Paine Edmonds LLP Family Law Blog

July 6, 2012

In today’s fast-changing world, family law issues are becoming increasingly complicated. With so much at stake, it is absolutely critical to have an experienced family law lawyer on your side to help you. At Paine Edmonds LLP, our Family Law Group is made up of a team of specialized and experienced family law lawyers who…

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Low Velocity Impact Collisions Explained

July 4, 2012

  By Chris Trueman, Associate at Paine Edmonds LLP, Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer If you are in a motor vehicle accident and the damage sustained to your vehicle is minimal or the crash involves a transfer of forces of less than 8 km/h, ICBC may classify your accident as a Low Velocity Impact (“LVI”) collision….

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Get Medical Malpractice Help Sooner Rather Than Later

June 18, 2012

By John J. Hyde, Partner at Paine Edmonds LLP, Medical Malpractice Lawyer I frequently deal with medical malpractice or medical negligence claims against doctors and hospitals. Very often people come to me years after they have suffered negligent treatment. I don’t know why people wait so long before seeking legal advice on medical negligence claims,…

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Congratulations Adam Hadwin!

May 18, 2012

Congratulations to Abbotsford’s own Adam Hadwin, winner of the 2011 Paine Edmonds Vancouver Open, on his recently announced promotional partnership with Canucks Sports & Entertainment. The Canucks and Hadwin announced on May 17, 2012 that they’ve entered into a promotional partnership in which Hadwin will support Canucks Sports & Entertainment’s charitable initiatives by participating in…

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The Duty to Inform ICBC When In a Car Accident

April 13, 2012

  By Stephen M. Lloyd, Partner at Paine Edmonds LLP, Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer “I don’t want to go through ICBC.” “Let’s just take care of this without calling ICBC?” “How about I give you some cash instead of going through ICBC?” It isn’t uncommon for me to hear that statements like these have been…

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What is My Case Worth? Loss of Earning Capacity Damages Explained

April 12, 2012

By Ivar Lee, Partner at Paine Edmonds LLP, and Chris Trueman, Associate at Paine Edmonds LLP, Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers One of the most contentious components of a personal injury claim is assessing the appropriate amount of compensation for “loss of earning capacity”. These damages are meant to compensate an injured person who has evidence…

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