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Rise in Fatal Crashes Due to Cell Phone Use

By Stephen M. Lloyd, Vancouver personal injury lawyer and partner at Paine Edmonds LLP

According to a Globe and Mail report, recent research shows that cell phones can be responsible for more fatal motor vehicle accidents than alcohol.
As a Vancouver ICBC personal injury lawyer, this article was yet another indicator to me of how dangerous driving can be, especially over long weekends.
At Paine Edmonds, we always see a spike in calls from drivers making ICBC claims because they were injured in motor vehicle accidents over a long weekend.
It is not uncommon to find during our investigations that the person who is at fault for the motor vehicle accident was talking on his or her cellphone, or even texting while driving.
If you have suffered personal injury because of someone else’s negligence causing a motor vehicle accident in Vancouver or anywhere in British Columbia, avoid the pitfalls of dealing with an ICBC claim by yourself and call me at 604.683.1211 for a free consultation.