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Our Team of Family Lawyers in Vancouver Ensures Your Best Interests are Protected

When you need an experienced, compassionate family lawyer in Vancouver, Paine Edmonds LLP is home to several who provide services in a variety of family law matters, including:

Our team of Vancouver family law lawyers will support and guide you through the process of resolving your family law matter and be committed to ensuring your best interests are protected. We can also help with other family law concerns such as:

Unique Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

At Paine Edmonds LLP, we understand that resolving these types of matters in court is not everyone’s preference, so our team will always provide you with a cost-benefit analysis from the very outset to ensure that you choose the best option that suits your specific needs and goals. Whether it is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism, such as mediation, or pursuing your matter all the way to trial, our family lawyers in Vancouver are trained and experienced to help you resolve your family law issues. We understand that everyone’s family law matter is unique to their circumstances, and we will work tirelessly to tailor the appropriate advice and find solutions that are right for you.

Speak with One of Our Family Lawyers Today

Fewer things in life are more important or held sacred to an individual than family. If you are faced with a legal matter pertaining to a family law issue, you need someone who is trained to help you identify solutions that will help you achieve a more favourable outcome for you and your family’s future. Please call us today to speak with a family lawyer in Vancouver. We look forward to providing you with the best legal advice and guidance possible, as you face what is perhaps one of the most difficult times in your life.

Why Hire a Paine Edmonds Family Law Lawyer?

You Are In Control

At Paine Edmonds you are in control. Our job is to inform you of your options to resolve your family issues, but we only take steps that you instruct us to take. Letters that come in on your file are immediately sent to you via email and nothing substantive is sent out on your file without your approval.

Team Approach

At Paine Edmonds we know that you did not work hard to build your life savings and see it all spent on legal fees when an unfortunate event such as marital breakdown occurs. We use a team approach to give you the very best value for your hard earned money. As a client of Paine Edmonds, you will have a team consisting of an assigned lawyer, assistant, and paralegal.

This allows us to delegate tasks to ensure that costs are kept as low as possible and ensures that you, as our client, can always contact someone knowledgeable about your file, even during times when your lawyer is not immediately available.

Diffuse, Rather than Increase Conflict =


Cost Effectiveness

It is rare that a family law lawyer will be able to give you a very accurate estimate of the cost of handling your family file from the outset. Many factors affect what the final cost will be, such as: the complexity of your case; the dynamics of the relationship between the parties; allegations of abuse; if one or both of the parties own a business that require detailed analysis of business records for the purpose of assessing division of assets; how far apart each party’s perception of a fair result is; legal assistance is required to deal with unexpected issues, such as communicating between the parties over childcare issues; if your case goes to trial or appeal.

A critically important factor is very much in your control: is your lawyer committed to diffusing rather than increasing conflict? The simple truth is this: increased conflict means increased cost to you. At Paine Edmonds, our team’s philosophy is that every effort should be made to negotiate a fair, cost effective resolution to your family law matter. While we understand that the realities of some family law matters will undoubtedly reach a high level of conflict, our team is committed to diffusing rather than increasing conflict whenever possible and making every effort to keep the cost of resolving your claim reasonable. From the very outset, we will review your options with you and engage in a cost-benefit analysis so you can determine the best option to take for your family law matter.


Circumstances may arise that you cannot come to us. Whether you live in a remote area of British Columbia where it can often be difficult to obtain effective legal representation or you need to move away while your family law matter remains ongoing, Paine Edmonds can provide assistance to you by utilizing technology to manage your file wherever you are.

Through the use of Skype, phone, email, and digital document management, we are able to meet with our clients and manage most aspects of their cases without them having to travel to Vancouver to meet with us. The only time that travel is truly necessary is for your lawyer to attend Court, which will involve additional travel costs. However, clients living in remote areas will find that Court attendances are often infrequent or can be avoided altogether using a lawyer based in Vancouver who is equipped to conduct meetings electronically. Often times, this can be equally as cost effective as a local lawyer.