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Mediation Services in Vancouver: Settling Things Outside of the Courtroom

Why Choose Mediation?
Litigation is an emotionally and financially difficult process. Waiting for trial dates can take months, if not years, and trial takes the control out of your hands and places it into the hands of someone who does not know you or your family. At least attempting mediation is recommended in most cases, as it gives the parties an opportunity to craft a solution to their family dispute that can take into account the individual needs of all of the parties involved. Resolving matters through mediation can also save the parties a significant amount of financial and emotional strain. When you need mediation services in Vancouver, turn to the professional team at Paine Edmonds LLP.

Mediation & Privacy

As with all cases, but particularly in high profile cases which may attract public interest, an out-of-court settlement is desirable as it maintains the privacy of the parties. Many people are surprised to discover that even a chambers application can result in a publicly reported decision that can be accessed and read by anyone with a computer. As a result, all of your private information, including financial information, allegations of misconduct, and private third party information, may be disclosed to the general public. The only way to keep this information out of the public domain is to reach a settlement, as Courts are reluctant to grant orders prohibiting public access to a Court hearing or result.

Public Trials & Hearings

In addition, courtrooms are generally accessible to the public. Anyone who is not a witness in a trial is welcome to come and sit through a trial or hearing, where the details of someone’s greatest life challenges are brought out in this public forum. The new Family Law Act that came into force on March 18th of this year encourages out-of-court settlement, and privacy concerns are just one reason. Out-of-court settlement, if possible, is considered in the best interests of the parties, as litigation is not only a massive financial burden for the parties to bear, but it often causes such substantial damage to the relationship between the parties that future cooperation, especially with respect to children, is compromised.

Request a Free Mediation Consultation

The family law team at Paine Edmonds LLP always strives to reach an out-of-court settlement wherever possible. Call today to request a free consultation for mediation services in Vancouver. Our experienced mediators are well-versed in finding solutions for your family law issues, no matter what sort of family dynamics are present in your specific situation. We would be more than happy to share our professional qualifications, training, and background with you during your initial consultation. Rest assured you are in good hands with the legal team at Paine Edmonds LLP in Vancouver.

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