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Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia Claims in Vancouver

Fortunately, over time many people fully recover from their injuries following an accident. However, for those less fortunate, a full recovery does not occur and they are left with a chronic condition which will remain symptomatic indefinitely. The effects on one’s life if they suffer from chronic pain or fibromyalgia is far reaching and often result in significant functional impairment on one’s life day-to-day.

Chronic pain and fibromyalgia can be the results of a motor vehicle accident, fall, or other mishap. Like any accident, you bear the burden of proving to the insurance company that your chronic pain and fibromyalgia are the symptoms of an accident. That’s why it is vital to seek the legal advice of a personal injury law firm like Paine Edmonds in Vancouver. We have a long history of working claims concerning chronic pain and fibromyalgia as well as have the resources to medical experts to help you prove your claim. Contact Paine Edmonds today for a free consultation.