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Brain Injury Lawyers in Vancouver: Understanding Your Legal Rights

Headaches. Inability to concentrate. Inability to taste or smell properly. Drastic behavioural or mood changes. These are just a handful of symptoms of a traumatic brain injury.

The symptoms that one experiences will depend on the severity of the injury (brain injuries can be diagnosed from a range of mild traumatic brain injury to severe traumatic brain injury) as well as which part of the brain received the trauma. For instance, trauma to the temporal lobe of your brain can commonly result in symptoms such as decreased ability to taste or smell whereas trauma to the frontal lobe of your brain can cause radical behavioural or mood changes. Thus, one can suffer a traumatic brain injury even if they did not suffer a loss of consciousness or a loss of memory.

What Could Cause a Brain Injury?

Brain injuries, mild and severe, can result from being in a motor vehicle accident whether you are a driver of a vehicle, a passenger in a vehicle, pedestrian, a cyclist, or a motorcyclist. As the victim of the accident, you bear the burden of proving that the brain injury was caused by the accident. Thus, if you have suffered a brain injury as a result of your accident, it is vitally important to retain a personal injury law firm that is experienced with working with people with head and brain injuries. The personal injury law firm you retain should also have the experience and resources to retain the right medical experts as needed to prove your head and brain injury claim.

Seek Legal Advice from Paine Edmonds

Are you seeking legal advice from a well-trusted brain injury lawyer in Vancouver? The personal injury lawyers and paralegals at Paine Edmonds LLP in Metro Vancouver have vast experience in handling accident claims involving head and brain injuries. Paine Edmonds has proudly supported the Lower Mainland Brain Injury Association over the years, as Steven H. Heringa and Brad Garside have both served as past Presidents. Paine Edmonds also proudly supports the BC Brain Injury Association and its efforts to support those with brain injuries throughout British Columbia.

Meet with an Experienced Brain Injury Lawyer

If you need a brain injury lawyer in Vancouver, contact our law firm today to request a consultation. Our firm will see that your best interests are looked after as you seek the compensation you may be legally entitled to for your personal pain and suffering as a result of your traumatic brain injury. You are so much more than just another expense on some impersonal insurance company’s paperwork. Let our knowledgeable team work on your behalf. We know how to handle the insurance companies and brain injury cases such as yours.