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Living with Pain? Seek Legal Advice for Your Soft Tissue Injury

The human body consists of soft tissues throughout its various structures and parts. As a result, when an accident occurs, a soft tissue injury can occur literally anywhere in the body from a person’s neck, shoulders, and back down to their arms, hands, chest, hips, legs, ankles, and feet. However, the most common type of soft tissue injury occurs in the neck and upper back (“whiplash injury”) and mid to low back.

Chronic Soft Tissue Pain

While most would be relieved to only have a soft tissue injury as opposed to fracturing a bone in their body, what many don’t understand is how chronic a soft tissue injury can be. Whereas a simple fracture can be cast and heal uneventfully, the pain from a soft tissue injury can sometimes last longer and become chronic. Further, a soft tissue injury by its nature is not visible unlike a fracture which is visible on an x-ray. As such, soft tissue injuries, especially those that become chronic, are often subject to much more scrutiny by insurance companies.

Trust Paine Edmonds

A soft tissue injury can be the result of a motor vehicle accident or other mishap. Unfortunately, as the victim, you are left with the burden to prove that your soft tissue injury was caused by an accident. That’s why we recommend that you contact Paine Edmonds in Vancouver to discuss you options when it comes to soft tissue injury claims. We can provide the legal team as well as the right resources to medical experts to help you make your case.