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An accident can change your life in a moment and plunge you into uncertainty at every level. This is when you need a personal injury lawyer with experience in catastrophic injury claim law. In the Lower Mainland, victims with catastrophic injuries can turn to Paine Edmonds, personal injury lawyers in Vancouver, for the support and legal guidance they need at this critical time.

A catastrophic injury is quite rigidly defined as an injury which causes long-term or permanent limitation of daily activities, work and self care. Typically, these are injuries such as severe fractures of the bone or damage to the brain or spinal cord. When you or a family member experiences such a life-changing injury, you will need a multidisciplinary team of people to help with the medical, psychological, financial and legal consequences. At Paine Edmonds, we can help you find the experts, such as doctors, physical and occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers and financial advisors who, together, can give you the guidance you need at this time.

Dealing with a catastrophic injury to a loved one or recovering from one yourself requires all your energy and resources. Dealing with the insurance company or the court should not distract you from your first priority: recovery. That’s why your Paine Edmonds catastrophic injury claim lawyer will take charge of organizing the investigation and documentation of your case so that a claim can be filed in a timely manner. We are experienced in providing people dealing with catastrophic injuries the support and advocacy they need to re-imagine and rebuild their future.

Helping You Focus on Recovery

Paine Edmonds LLP has been protecting the rights of British Columbians for more than 70 years. Our team of distinguished lawyers has been part of groundbreaking cases in personal injury law and we have established a reputation as staunch advocates for the fair and compassionate compensation of individuals who have sustained traumatic injuries.

As your advocates, our focus is on promoting your recovery. If you have endured a catastrophic injury, you will have the support of both a Paine Edmonds LLP personal injury lawyer and an experienced case manager who can help you with coordinating care from medical and rehabilitation professionals. Together, they will also relieve you of assembling the documentation, assessments and reports necessary to file a claim – this is needless stress for you at a time when you are physically and emotionally vulnerable.

If you have questions about your medical care, finances or legal rights, your Paine Edmonds team will be available to ensure that you have the information you need to make good decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

With our contingency-based fee model, you don’t have to worry about how you will pay legal fees at a time when your income is compromised and you are financially vulnerable. In fact, you won’t owe any money until you receive compensation. If your case results in a positive outcome, your payment will be a percentage of the compensation.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Vancouver

The majority of injuries that we deal with at Paine Edmonds are, most fortunately, not catastrophic in nature. However, we understand that injuries of many kinds result in loss of income, pain and suffering. As your personal injury lawyers in Vancouver, we can play a crucial role in your recovery by taking on the stress of dealing with insurance companies and other entities who may see your injury simply as a liability on their bottom line.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident of any kind, come in for an initial consultation and let us guide you through the next steps to build a solid case. We know ICBC’s rules and general practices and can advise you on your rights and entitlements: keep in mind that your ICBC adjuster is not required to offer you this information. For this reason, we recommend that you talk to a personal injury lawyer before you call the insurance company. If, for any reason, your disability benefits have been denied or have not been disbursed in a timely manner, we will actively pursue the recovery of these benefits to promote your recovery.

Paine Edmonds LLP has been a leader in the field of personal injury law and catastrophic injury claims for decades. Our years of experience have helped us understand the short-term and long-term challenges you and your family will face in the aftermath of an injury. At a time when you are necessarily focused on the physical and emotional pain caused by your injury, we can provide you with holistic, compassionate and far-sighted legal guidance as well as a variety of resources to help promote your recovery. Through negotiation, and, if necessary, litigation, we will make every effort to secure for you the fair compensation you need to rebuild your life from a critical injury.

Request a Consultation

Get in touch with Paine Edmonds in Vancouver today to set up a consultation. By working closely with you on your case, our lawyers can help you find the best solutions to fit your unique legal situation.

Supporting Our Community

Not only do we at Paine Edmonds look to help our community by providing legal services, but by also giving back by supporting charities, food banks, foundations, and other organizations. Contact us to learn more.

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