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When you need the help of a compassionate and experienced lawyer in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia, seek the sound legal advice offered at Paine Edmonds LLP.  We combine a long established legal tradition with a dynamic team approach to help individuals, families, and businesses face their legal challenges.

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Our lawyers are dedicated to advocating for your legal rights and obtaining the best possible outcomes for your legal matter.  If you are injured from an accident, having marital problems, disputes over family assets or support, wrongfully terminated from your job, buying or selling a business or property, disinherited or challenging a will, or have a denied disability or insurance claim don’t hesitate to contact one of our lawyers in Vancouver to request a consultation to go over the details of your legal matter.

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Not only do we at Paine Edmonds look to help our community by providing legal services, but by also giving back by supporting charities, food banks, foundations, and other organizations. Contact us to learn more.

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